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  1. To achive the speed and accuracy in issuing tickets
  2. To reduce the drudgery in conductor job
  3. with the achieved speed and accuracy resultant saved time will relive the conductor from tension and improves the productivity
  4. Adaptation of new technology for advancement and progress
  5. Conductor with a TIM gives new image among the passengers and it will boost the self esteem and morale of the conductor since he feels himself as a technical savvy.


  1. No holding of ticket trays, .
  2. Waiting in ‘Q’ for procuring ticket blocks, 141 card and SR can be minimized thereby the punctuality can be maintained.
  3. Single ticket can be issued for a group of 9 passengers for which he need not calculate the total amount.
  4. Calculation of fares for the concession tickets like CAT card is not required.
  5. There is no need to close way bill, handing over of ticket blocks and reconciliation of the tickets sold.
  6. There will be reduction in Taking and Handing over time and also in Ticket issue time
  7. The bad practice of applying saliva by the Conductor to flip the tickets from the ticket block and tear it from the tray, will be eliminated.
  8. With the leisure time Conductor can make use it to propagate the Marketing Schemes among the passengers, maintain Customer Relations and improve the OR.


  1. Owing to less consumption of time in issuing tickets, conductor can concentrate on picking up more passengers at the important traffic generating points and get more revenue.
  2. Non-Accountal of tickets , wrong closing of SR cases can be eliminated.
  3. The frauds of Reissuing , Intentional Wrong punching and wrong closing and will be eliminated.
  4. Overriding by the passengers can be identified
  5. Conductors intention is correctly established in case of site punching cases.
  6. Reduction in checking time of buses thereby more number of checks can be exercised.
  7. Savings on cost of printing of tickets.
  8. Savings on cost of preparing MTD 141 cards.
  9. Can implement the fare revision instantaneously duly avoiding the over stamping of tickets.
  10. SR Scrutiny is a cumbersome process in the present system and it needs additional manpower. With TIMs it is very easy to analyse the passenger traveling pattern.
  11. Man power saving on an average 1 ADC in small Depots (District), 2 ADCs in Bigger Depots (District), and 3 ADCs in City Depots can be saved.
  12. Analysis of low OR routes can be easily done.
  13. Checking time is reduced thereby passengers’ displeasures over TTIs will be eliminated.
  14. Printing, procurement, stocking and Transfer of Tickets from Printing Press to Zonal Stores and to Depots will be eliminated.


  1. Easy to identify the tickets issued from TIMs.
  2. In case of loss of luggage and bus miss it is very easy to identify the Bus to which depot it belongs.
  3. Passenger can easily know the ticket fare.
  4. In this system it is easy for the passenger to know the genuinity of the ticket.
  5. In case the passenger is holding two tickets it will be easy to produce the correct ticket to the checking officials.